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Full Revolution, Inc. was founded in 2000 by a group of Internet and IT professionals that all shared a common vision to provide businesses and internet professionals with quality, affordable, and easy to use browser based applications that did not suffer from the common draw backs of most of the other browser based products on the market.

At Full Revolution we believe that the wide spread acceptance of the Internet and Web Browser technology paints a perfect picture of the IT and Information Management landscape of the future. We aim to create browser based products that look and feel exactly like standard desktop applications. Event though the Internet has been around for many years now there is still a majority of people that are very apprehensive about the usability of web applications. Much of this apprehension is based on the fact that there is such a learning curve in the transition from a standard desktop application that features common components and controls that are commonplace in many thousands of applications available on the market today. We strive to eliminate that learning curve by eliminating the differences in feel and appearance between a desktop application and a browser based application.

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