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[KB_44] - Change aspWebCalendar to start weeks on Monday instead of Sunday.
This article explains how to make aspWebCalendar start the weeks on Monday instead of Sunday! The script is setup to allow this and only requires a single line to be changed.


In order to change aspWebCalendar to start weeks on a Monday instead of Sunday you only need to make a single modification to the code.  This feature was added in a release that didn't include any database structure updates so it wasn't added to the configuration section in the script but was added as a variable you just need to change manually in the code.

Around line 67 of the code in the calendar.asp file you should see the following code:

67 '******* Added in 4.5 release *************************************
69 UsePageTemplate = "NO"
70 StartWeeksOnMonday = "NO"
71 ShowHelpInAdminOnly = "YES"
72 UsePrintButton = "YES"
73 DefaultColorScheme = "gray"
74 ImageFolder = "calendar/images/"

On line 70 there is a variable called "StartWeeksOnMonday"... just change that value to "YES" instead of "NO".

The same change must be done in the "calendar/date_picker.asp" file as well... open that file and look around line 26:

26 '----- Added for the 4.5a release ------------------------------------------------
28 S
tartWeeksOnMonday = "NO"

On line 28 there is a variable called "StartWeeksOnMonday"... just change that value to "YES" instead of "NO".

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