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aspWebCalendar FREE
Single Site License  |  FREE

aspWebCalendar FREE is licensed on a per site / domain basis.  This License Agreement lets you install the product on one(1) computer for one(1) site. You can use your own logos with the application, however ALL OF OUR COPYRIGHT NOTICES MUST REMAIN VISIBLE. YOU CANNOT RESELL, RENT, RE-BRAND OR LEASE THIS APPLICATIONDoing so without our written permission will result in legal prosecution.

 Product Overview
UPDATE: This software was patched on 3/25/2007 due to a security issue... please updated your copy to the latest version (1.1) if you haven't already done so!


aspWebCalendar FREE is an .asp script designed to make it easy to add a calendar of events to your website. All the administration tasks are performed online so there is no reason to FTP any files to your site or modify anything with an HTML editor.
 Features in version 1.0
Feature Description
100% ASP - No Components to Install Written purely in .asp code... There are no server side components which makes aspWebCalendar FREE very compatible with a wide range of web hosts.
No Configuration Required There is nothing you need to do to get the script up and running on your website... simply upload the files you receive and your ready to go.
Full Access to Source Code Since aspWebCalendar FREE is written in .asp code you have full access to the source code so you can make any customizations that you need to.
Easily Integrates Into You're Current Website Easy to integrate via an HTML template interface... just create an HTML file on your website and leave a token in it... that token is then replaced by the calendars output.
DSN-Less Connection String By using a DSN-Less connection string there is literally no configuration required... just upload the files to your server and your ready to go.  You can always change the script to use a DSN if you wish though.
Customizable You can edit the look and workings of the script using the online administration interface, simply make changes on a web based form...
Color Scheme Interface Dynamic color scheme interface allows you to easily match the calendar with the colors and look of your website.
Supports Multiple Calendars Supports an unlimited number of color coded calendars.
Event Icons Easily add an icon to your events.
Rich Text Descriptions Event descriptions will automatically link URLs and email addresses for you.
WYSIWYG Administration When logged into the script the administration functions appear right in the script output... easily navigate your calendar and make changes and additions that you need to.

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