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aspWebAlbum 3.2
Single Site License  |  $60.00

aspWebAlbum is licensed on a per site / domain basis.  This License Agreement lets you install the product on one(1) computer for one(1) site. You can use your own logos with the application, however ALL OF OUR COPYRIGHT NOTICES MUST REMAIN VISIBLE. YOU CANNOT RESELL, RENT, RE-BRAND OR LEASE THIS APPLICATIONDoing so without our written permission will result in legal prosecution.
 Product Overview

aspWebAlbum is a browser based software package that runs over a standard web browser, such as Internet Explorer for Microsoft, and allows anyone to easily create and maintain a web based photo album without any knowledge of programming or web design. In the past it was very hard to maintain a large collection of images on the web, you would constantly have to load and update HTML files, create thumbnails for your images, and upload all your content back to your server or web host... now with aspWebAlbum you can manage you entire photo collection with nothing more than a web browser.

We have create a detailed administration system for aspWebAlbum that allows you to just upload you full sized images to your album and the software does the rest, even if you don't have any idea how to resize an image on your computer, or even know what an image resizing component is or does. You can also use the administration interface to add detailed information and captions to your images... every picture has a story to tell... go ahead and tell it... there is no need to edit HTML pages in something like FrontPage or Dreamweaver, you can do everything using the online administration interface.

We have also gone one step further and written aspWebAlbum to work with any file type... if you have videos that you would like to share with people over the internet you can simply upload those in the same fashion and aspWebAlbum will display them using a default thumbnail and allow you visitors to download or view the file. You can easily use aspWebAlbum to maintain any web based collection of files... store anything, Acrobat PDFs, Word document, Excel Documents, or anything else you have the need to share over the internet. You can even use aspWebAlbum to maintain a collection of files on your companies intranet! The possibilities are endless!

It is also very easy to change the way that your album looks... aspWebAlbum has full skinning support and there are several skins available on our website that are free to download! Change the entire look of your album to match the content of the album without doing any design work!

We have also added a ton of front end features like a full screen image slideshows with animated transitions, cookie based favorites so your visitors can store their favorite images and easily access them when they return to your site, user submission of photos and content, captions, credits, right click protection, and much more!

 Key Features in version 3.2
Supports 12 Image Resizing Components
aspWebAlbum 3.2 now supports 12 different image resizing components!  Even better, the script will detect any of the supported components on your server and only show options for what you have.  Many times you will find that your web host is supporting a component that you didn't know about!
Highly Configurable Admin Area
You can configure nearly every aspect of aspWebAlbum... We include tons of great features in this release but if you don't need some of them they are very easy to disable.  Simply login to the admin area and check off the options that you want to use.
Supports More Than Just Images
aspWebAlbum doesn't just support image files!  You can upload any type of file to aspWebAlbum and if the file is a non-image file it will substitute a standard thumbnail for the image instead of an actual thumbnail... you can easily use aspWebAlbum to store any kind of documents or media.

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