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aspWebAlbum 3.2
Single Site License  |  $60.00

aspWebAlbum is licensed on a per site / domain basis.  This License Agreement lets you install the product on one(1) computer for one(1) site. You can use your own logos with the application, however ALL OF OUR COPYRIGHT NOTICES MUST REMAIN VISIBLE. YOU CANNOT RESELL, RENT, RE-BRAND OR LEASE THIS APPLICATIONDoing so without our written permission will result in legal prosecution.
 Product Features

Below you will find a detailed description of some of the key features of aspWebAlbum:
Feature Description
Completely Skinnable! Full support for skinning has been added... with the click of a button you can change the entire look of your album... there will be many skins available on our website in the near future.
Supports ANY file type Your album can contain files of ANY type... easily use aspWebAlbum to create an kind of online file repository.
Built-In Search Feature Search feature allows your visitors to easily locate images that they are looking for.  Choose between a detailed implementation and a simple one.
Supports All the Standard Web Formats There is built in support for all the common web graphic formats: (.JPG, .GIF, .PNG)
Unlimited Number of Images The album can contain as many images as will fit on your server... there is no limit to how many images or files you can have.
Full Sub-Category Support Using a recursive routine aspWebAlbum allows you to have an unlimited number of sub-categories in your gallery.
Supports 12 3rd party image resizing components You can rest assured that if your server has an image resizing component installed on it that we support it... It is even possible your host has one of these installed and they just don't advertise it.
Supports 4 3rd party email components Supports all the most popular email components... JMail, CDONTS, ASPMail, ASPEmail...
Supports 3 3rd party file uploading components Supports all the most popular file uploading components.
Automatically detects installed components We take the guess work out of finding out what components your server will support... the admin area will list all the components that are installed on your server, you just choose which one you wish to use.
Integrated Administration All the administration functions are built right into the script output... you can manage your album right inside your album... see your changes happen as soon as you apply them.
Postcard Feature Feature that allows you to send any image via email as a postcard... allows you to fully customize the cards looks and even embed music in the postcard.
Visitors can submit files In each category you can specify weather or not a visitor can submit files to that category... you can also decide if their submissions are set to a pending state and must be approved before they are visible.
Stores and displays full file information The script stores the filename, filesize, and the date it was added.
Stores extended set of information The script also keeps the following information: Photographer, Source, Camera Used, and Copyright information.
5 User definable fields There are 5 fields that you can make whatever you want... easily use one of these fields to add a "buy button" to integrate a shopping cart into your album.  The script will only show fields that you have defined.
Optionally display any of the information fields You can set which information fields you want to display... display some, all, or none of the stored information.
Favorite image support While visitors are browsing your images they can mark images as favorites and save them as a cookie on their computer.
Upload images through any browser You can upload media to your album from any web browser... you don't need an FTP application.
Upload images in bulk using an FTP application You can easily upload your images in bulk using any 3rd party FTP application.
Default thumbnails for NON-Image formats You can upload a thumbnail to show for any non-image file type.
Handles your thumbnails automatically The script will handle your thumbnails for you... if you upload an image with no thumbnail and have an image resizing component installed it will create a thumbnail for you... if you don't have the component it will show a scaled down version of the image in place of a thumbnail.
Tracks Hits Each time an image is viewed the script tracks it as a hit... The hits are used to show what images are "HOT" in the "What's Hot" section of the script output.
Rating System Has a complete rating system... users can vote on images and these votes help determine what images are "POPULAR" in the "What's Popular" section of the script.
What's New Section You can use this section to show what new images have been added in a certain number of days.
What's Hot Section You can use this section to show what images have the most views.
What's Popular Section You can use this section to show what images have the highest ratings from your visitors.
Right-Click Protection Optionally block right-click menu on full size images... this will also disable the IE 6 Image Toolbar that shows up when you hover over an image.
Complete Manual Included Contains a complete PDF Manual that goes over the ins and outs and how to get the most out of aspWebAlbum.
Embed Content into other pages of your site Contains a content embedding feature where you select a few options and the script will generate the code to paste into any page of your website with up-to-date content from your album.
Optionally include a graphic border around your thumbnails Easily include an attractive border around all your thumbnail images... this border can also be used to show what images are NEW, HOT, and POPULAR.
Create Multiple Users You can create as many users as you want to help you maintain your album... you can also limit the access of those users so they can only perform certain functions.
Optionally Require Login You can optionally require users to login to your album... you can easily create a password protected area to store files for your users.
Category Listing Columns You can specify how many columns to use when displaying your categories.
Category Images / Bullets You can add an image to display next to each category name.  Or you can also display a graphic bullet next to each category name.
Specify how many thumbnails show up on each page You set the number of rows and columns to use for the thumbnail display and the script will page out your thumbnails for you.
Move and Rename Images You can easily move and rename your images using the administration interface.
New TAG on Categories containing new media Any category containing new media will have a NEW tag next to the category name.
Full File and Sub-Category Counts Next to each category you can display a count of the files and sub-categories in that category.
Integrated Slideshow Feature Allow you visitors to browse your files hands free!  New slide show feature allows them to view a slide show of the images right in the browser... you can set how many seconds each images shows for.
Full Screen Slide Shows with Transitions There is a nice full screen slide show mode that takes the browser portions out of your viewing experience.  It even randomly uses one of 23 different DHTML transitions between your images.
Cookie Stores Visitors Preferences and Favorites Using client side cookies users can store their viewing preferences like the number of thumbnails to show at one time and the skin to use while browsing your gallery... the cookie also stores their favorites so they will be there when they come back to you site.
Default Information Values Each user can have their own set of default values for the Extended information... any image that they add via the browser will take on this default information.
Supports Linking to Full Sized Image Easily add a link to a 3rd full-size image on each one of your images allowing your users to get very large copies of your images.
Images & Descriptions for Your Categories You can add an image or a description to your categories and sub-categories.
100% ASP - No Components to Install Written purely in .asp code... There are no server side components which makes aspWebAlbum very compatible with a wide range of web hosts.
No Configuration Required There is nothing you need to do to get the script up and running on your server... simply upload the files you receive and your ready to go.
Full Access to Source Code Since aspWebAlbum is written in .asp code you have full access to the source code so you can make any customizations that you need to.
Many Database Options The script comes with an Access database by default but we also include instructions and all the files you need to run the script with MS SQL Server 2000.  Simply setup the database on your server using the included .SQL script and change one variable.
DSN-Less Connection String By using a DSN-Less connection string there is literally no configuration required... just upload the files to your server and your ready to go.  You can always change the script to use a DSN if you wish though.

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