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aspWebAlbum 3.2
Single Site License  |  $60.00

aspWebAlbum is licensed on a per site / domain basis.  This License Agreement lets you install the product on one(1) computer for one(1) site. You can use your own logos with the application, however ALL OF OUR COPYRIGHT NOTICES MUST REMAIN VISIBLE. YOU CANNOT RESELL, RENT, RE-BRAND OR LEASE THIS APPLICATIONDoing so without our written permission will result in legal prosecution.
 Product Features
You can launch a demo of aspWebAlbum that is hosted on our website using the link below.  Remember to maximize the screen after the new demo window opens.  You can do so using the following user information:

Username: admin
Password: password

Click here to launch the demo...

Since aspWebAlbum is simply a .asp script and all the source code is exposed we don't offer a downloadable trial copy of the script... it would be very hard to limit the functionality of the script without making the demo pointless because the features you want to see were removed for demo purposes.  If you have any questions that cannot be answered using this demo we encourage you to take a look at the documentation for the software or contact us via email with any questions that you have.

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