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What is aspWebCalendar?
aspWebCalendar is an ASP-based web calendar software application that can be setup as a intranet calendar for a small or large group of users, or an internet calendar of events viewable by visitors of your website, or as a simple one user web calendar application you can run from your PC.
aspWebCalendar runs is a web based calendar front end written in .asp using standard web technologies like AJAX, HTML, and CSS allowing you to setup the application on your server and allow your users to access your calendar using a standard web browser. There is no client installation required.  We offer one of the only web calendar software applications that allows you to publish .ics calendars that you can subscribe to in any application that supports .ics subscritpions.  Our web calendar software is also one of the only web calendars you can purchase for a single price with an unlimited number of users and calendars.
The only server side requirements are a Windows based web server (either in house, or hosted by a 3rd party web host) and the ability to use Access databases or a SQL Server.

shared calendar
Create an unlimited number of users and groups in your installation. This allows you to create complex rights structures and personalized calendar views and permissions.
web calendar
aspWebCalendar supports the entire range of standard recurring events that you would expect in any modern calendar application.
network calendar
Each user can have their own personal calendar but they can also choose to share their personal calendar with other users.
.ics subscriptions
Subscribe to calendars from other applications published in the .ics format (like Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, etc.). You can also publish your calendars via .ics and open them in other .ics compliant applications.
website calendar
We include a read-only website display and embedding engine that allows you to easily integrate your calendar(s) with your existing website.
Setup a one way sync that pulls your users and groups in from your Active Directory setup... in a matter of minutes you can give everyone in your organization access to your calendars. This feature also allows local intranet users to be singed in automatically.
calendar application
Subscribe to calendars from your aspWebCalendar installation right on your iPhone! You can even get notifications on your phone before your events.
web based calendar
Using AJAX techniques aspWebCalendar now functions even more like a desktop application. Get the full benefit of a web based application with the ease of implementation of a web based application.

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